9 Straightforward Home Brewing Kits for Beginners

9 Straightforward Home Brewing Kits for Beginners

New home brewers need to look for simple and straightforward home brewing kits for beginners.  There are countless kits available online.  How do you know which are best for new brewers?  I’ve complied nine kits that come with simple instructions.  These kits can be successfully brewed by people of all skill levels.

The first step in picking from many available home brewing kits for beginners is to find a reputable source.  There are more than a couple places to choose from.  I have found Midwest Supplies to be my preferred source for online beer supplies.  Since 1995, Midwest Supplies has been a quality online source of ingredients and equipment.  I not only suggest their products, I use them too.  Best of all, they offer free shipping on orders of thirty dollars or more and flat rate shipping on all other orders.

Each kit I suggest is selected for a specific reason.  My hope is that you will find a style that you’ll be excited to brew and that is set up for your success.  Be sure to ask any questions you may have about beer kits in the comments section below!  I’d be happy to answer the best I can.

Budget Brew Kit

Beer. Simply Beer.  –  $22.99

The Beer. Simply Beer. is a full line of home brewing kits for beginners.  They come with all the beer ingredients a new home brewer will need to have a successful brew day.  These kits include malt extracts, yeast, hops, priming sugar for bottling, and instructions.  The instructions are simple to follow along and clearly guide brewers through the brew day.  These are incredibly simple kits that yield tasty results.

I’ve brewed these kits multiple times.  Simply put, you cannot purchase the individual ingredients in this kit for less money than the combined kit.  At under twenty-three dollars, this beer kit is a great value.  As I grow as a brewer, I still purchase these and add ingredients like fruit or dry hops.  They perfect for learning or experimentation.  NewToBrew has a full brewing tutorial on the American Wheat kit that you can reference for help.

(You can watch a Beer. Simply Beer. Full brewing tutorial on NewToBrew.com)

beer simply beer extract beer kit for beginners
                  Beer. Simply Beer. Extract Kits for Beginners

Uncomplicated Clone Beer

“Flat” Tire Beer Kit – Starting at $31.00

This kit is designed to mirror a well known amber ale.  It is the very definition of a crowd pleasing beer.  Flat Tire consists of liquid malt extract, rich steeping grains, hops, grain bag for steeping, priming sugar and yeast.  This is one beer you’ll be proud to serve as your own.  The best part is that it’s one of the easy home brewing kits for beginners.

You can expect an elementary brew day by using this specifically designed kit.  It comes with a full set of instructions to ensure you have a great brewing experience.  This kit includes steeping grains that will add to the body, color, and flavor of the end product.  Your friends and family won’t believe you made this yourself.  Depending on what yeast and extras you purchase, this kit is available for as low as thirty-one dollars and free shipping.

Fantastic Fall Beer

Pumpkin Ale Kit – Starting at $33.00

Whether you love them, or you hate them, Pumpkin Ales define the holiday beer season.  This kit is a rich amber colored brew that’s perfect for a fall evening.  Spice flavors include nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger.  You add canned pumpkin to the kit which gives you control over how much flavor you get.

This kit includes malt extract, steeping grains, yeast, hops, priming sugar, spices, and a steeping grain bag.  This all inclusive kit is one of the perfect home brewing kits for beginners that was a fall spice ale.  With simple to follow direction, you can have this brew ready in three to four weeks total.  This is one of those beer style that does benefit from bottle conditioning and gets better over time.

Delicious Wheat Beer

Hank’s Hefeweizen Kit – Starting at $33.00

Do you prefer the German wheat style beer?  Hank’s Hefeweizen kit is an easy to complete hefeweizen kit geared towards home brewers.  This beer turns out slightly cloudy which makes hiding imperfections easy.  You can expect a very lightly hopped flavor and great foam retention.  Try this delicious wheat beer with a slice of lemon to highlight the wheat flavors.

This home brewing kit for beginners includes malt extracts, specialty grains, hops, yeast, priming sugar and a grain sack.  It has easy to follow instructions that will make your brewing experience enjoyable.  This kit results in a medium alcohol by volume which makes the beer thirst quenching and refreshing.

Perfect Pale Ale

Amarillo Pale Ale Beer Kit – Starting at $39.00

This pale is kit is a perfect home brewing kit for beginners.  The pale ale style is very forgiving and allow for small mistakes in the brewing process.  Amarillo hops are the star ingredient.  They showcase citrus and grapefruit flavors.  The final beer is a pale amber color that strikes a balance of bitterness, maltiness, and citrus flavors.

The Amarillo hop is highlighted in this balanced brew.  You will find that almost everyone will like this style of brew.  It’s great to enjoy year round.  A pale ale would be one of my top recommendations for new brewers.  It’s easy to brew, tolerant of mistakes, and enjoyed by the masses.  There’ll be no shortage of people willing to help you drink these delectable brews.  This kit includes all the brewing ingredients you’ll need for brew day.

So Simple Saison

Sobatage Saison Beer Kit – Starting at $42.00

If Saisons are your style, this kit is for you.  With 6% ABV you will be feeling this brew!  It’s described as crisp, fruity, and fresh.  The kit comes with all the ingredients you need to complete your brew day.  This specific kit showcases Ekuanot and Calypso hops.  These unique hops emit flavors of melon, berry, and floral.  It is a unique brew.

Rarely do I suggest that new brewers upgrade their yeast.  For most basic styles of beer, the yeast included in your kit will do a great job.  The Saison is an exception to that rule however.  Saisons derive great character from the yeast used.  I would highly suggest upgrading to one of the recommended French Saison yeast strains available with the kit.  You’ll be greatly rewarded with unique yeast characteristics in your beer.

Stupid Easy Stout

Cow Chocula Chocolate Milk Stout – Starting at $44.00

Want to get into the dark brews?  This chocolate milk stout will rock your world.  This is one of the more difficult brews to make the list.  Being able to follow instructions will be critical to successfully completing this brew.  This is on of the easy home brewing kits for beginners but it contains a special step with the addition of lactose.  Lactose creates the creamy mouthfeel of a milk stout.

Creating a chocolate milk stout as a beginner is definitely a courageous undertaking.  This kit is designed with new brewers in mind.  If you can follow basic instructions, then you’re ready to dive into a milk stout brew day.

Quick Quality Brews

20 Minute Boil Kits – Starting at $34.99

Want to have a quicker brew day?  There are a full line of twenty minute kits available to new brewers.  These kits are muck like the other kits I’ve suggested but their boil time is shortened.  Some styles available include a Mexican Cerveza, American Light, Nut Brown Ale, Golden Wheat Beer, and an Amber Bock.

Why go for a shorter brew day?  Simply put, this style of kit can save you valuable time on brew day by shortening the length of the boil.  You’ll still get a quality beer with the specially selected ingredients and styles.  Be sure to follow the recipe and you’ll have a great beer and a shorter brew day.

Infamous Beer Brand

Plinius the Wise Double IPA – Starting at $59.00

I don’t know about you, but I will never find this infamous Pliny the Elder in my area.  Why not brew a close replica at home?  Plinius the Wise Double IPA kit gives home brewers the ability to have a recreation of the popular brew.

This amazing DIPA clocks in at 7.4% ABV.  You can expect massive hop aromas and flavors from this home brewing kit for beginners.  It features citrus, floral, and piney hop varieties.  You’ll be pleased you took on this monster beer!

Plinius the Wise Extract Beer Kit
Plinius the Wise Extract Beer Kit


Why do I strongly suggest a kit for new brewers?  Kits are specifically designed recipes that take the guesswork out of brewing.  They create a well planned and defined brew day that new brewers can follow to find success.

I highly suggest these easy home brewing kits for beginners from Midwest Supplies as a great starting point.  They are a reputable online brewing supply store and you can expect high quality products from them.  These affiliate links are ones that I believe will help you find success on your very first brewing day regardless of your skill level.

Have a question about brewing kits?  Leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer.


Happy Brewing

Ryan Caldbeck


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