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Brew Perfect Remote Temperature Controller

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If you’re anything like me, I love having gadgets.  If it’s new and flashy, I want it!  In the home brewing world, there is no shortage of fun toys.  Truth be told, I don’t need most of them.  However, I enjoy trying them out and seeing how they work.

Recently I saw an advertisement on Facebook that caught my eye.  The product was a Remote Temperature Controller from Brew Perfect.  These guys are bringing technology to the fermentation world.  Their product is WiFi enabled which is a new level of sophistication for controlling fermentation temperatures.

Brew Perfect Remote Temperature Controller

This device isn’t the first in the industry to control fermentation temperatures.  As a home brewer, you have multiple options available to you already.  What makes this device unique is the ability to transmit data over WiFi to a dedicated app.  This will give you access to data and the ability to control your fermentation from anywhere in the world.

The Brew Perfect Remote Temperature Controller is one of two products available from Brew Perfect.  You may also be interested in their WiFi Digital Hydrometer that also works with their app.  Between these to products you can monitor the specific gravity and temperature data throughout the fermentation process.

Temperature control of the fermentation process is one of the many improvements that many home brewers make early in their brewing days.  This is one of the single greatest impacts on the flavor of your final product.  The WiFi ability and data recording is perfect for a tech junkie, brewing fanatic, data freak, or science guy.

Brew Perfect Temperature Controller Overview
Brew Perfect Temperature Controller Overview

Pros of the Remote Temperature Controller

There are countless reasons that the Remote Temperature Controller from Brew Perfect is an improvement on current technologies.  The biggest is WiFi control and access from anywhere worldwide.  You’ll have the ability to monitor and make changes from anywhere.  You also can control the temperature with the ability to add heating or cooling through the device.  The Remote Temperature Controller is accurate to within +/- 0.1 degrees.

The app is what really makes this product shine.  You can review data trends and track data over time.  With this, you also have the ability to recreate fermentation temperatures from a previous brew as well.  The app also works with Brew Perfect’s previously released WiFi Hydrometer.  With these two devices, you can monitor and track gravity and temperature throughout the process.

Drawbacks of the Remote Temperature Controller

First and foremost, the biggest drawback would be price.  This product is currently available through a Kickstarter campaign for between $120 (early bird) and $145.  You can purchase a basic entry level temperature controller for under forty dollars through Amazon.  Also, with this being a Kickstarter campaign, the estimated ship date for your controller would be November, 2018.

(You can see my current temperature controller by reading Fermentation Chamber Build – Future Keezer)


Brew Perfect’s Remote Temperature Controller looks like a great way to get more scientific about your brewing and fermentation.  It has the ability to store critical data that you can use to create better beer.  You also have the ability to monitor and make changes to your current fermentation from literally anywhere in the world!

This freedom and information does come at a premium cost.  Like any other new technology, Brew Perfect’s Remote Temperature Controller comes at a higher price point than readily accessible and previously existing technology.  I believe that many brewers will find the additional cost to be a worth while investment because of the WiFi capability and the app that will allow them to use Brew Perfect’s WiFi Hydrometer.

Check out their products and let me know what you think!  Leave a comment below and be sure to like and share this post!

(See this product and Brew Perfect’s WiFi Hydrometer at: www.brewperfect.com)


Happy Brewing

Ryan Caldbeck


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