Brut IPA Tasting Video

Brut IPA Tasting Video

Getting Started

In May of 2018 I began a journey into learning about the Brut IPA style of beer.  I had started to see articles and questions about the style everywhere I turned.  I loved every different style of IPA that I had tried so I set my sights on finding a Brut IPA to taste.  Then reality hit and I found that commercial examples of a Brut IPA were few and far between.  Therefore I began a mission to learn all that I could about the style with a goal of creating an stylistically accurate home brewed Brut IPA.

I began compiling my own research based on information already available on the internet.  There was some basic information from the style’s creator, Kim Sturdavant.  From this and other articles, I developed a basic understanding of how a Brut IPA was supposed to taste.  The problem was, I didn’t have a clue how to get there.  I wrote my first article, Brut IPA – Westcoast’s Response to the NEIPA, and moved on to my next article.

Professional Advice

The desire to create my own home brewed Brut IPA never left.  Weeks later I began reaching out to commercial brewers for help.  To my surprise, all four that I reached out to were open to being interviewed and giving their advice.  They gave suggestions on ingredients and techniques so that recipes could be developed by homebrewers.  Thousands of readers have since read the article, Brewing a Brut IPA with Advice From Professional Brewers.  The response to the article has been tremendous and for that reason I decided to develop an extract recipe, post a brew day video, and end with a final tasting video.  You can see the brew day video HERE.

Finishing the Brut IPA

It has taken months since my introduction to the Brut IPA to reach the end of my journey.  I’ve researched with experienced professionals who commercially sell the style and developed a recipe that others can make at home.  By using extract ingredients, anyone regardless of their skill level should be able to recreate this brew with only basic equipment.  I hope you have all enjoyed the journey as much as I have.   Here is the final Brut IPA Tasting Video and you can find the full recipe below it.


Brut IPA Extract Recipe:

3.3 Lbs – Pilsen Light LME

2 Lbs. Wheat DME

30 Minute Boil

Hop Additions:

30 Minute Hops – 0.5 oz. Citra (13.2 AA)

Yeast: White Labs San Diego Super Yeast

White Labs Ultra-Ferm added on Fermentation Day 5 of 14

Dry Hop Schedule:

2 oz. Huell Melon (4.5 AA) – Fermentation Day 9 of 14

2 oz Citra (13.2 AA) – Fermentation Day 9 of 14

2 oz. Huell Melon (4.5 AA) – Fermentation Day 11 of 14

2 oz Citra (13.2 AA) – Fermentation Day 11 of 14


ABV ~5%

IBUs ~ 25

SRM ~ 2.81

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