Brut IPA (Video) – 5 Gallon Extract Brewing Tutorial

Home brewing an extract Brut IPA recipe.

What in the hell is a Brut IPA?  This style of beer is quickly gaining popularity among commercial brewers but isn’t available yet in every market.  What other reason do we need as a home brewer to give something a try?  Since the style is new, there is very little information about where to begin and what ingredients to use.  So this makes it difficult as a home brewer to create a style accurate home brewed Brut IPA.

I needed more information before making my first attempt at brewing a Brut IPA.  So I reached out to four professional brewers from all across the U.S. and asked for their help.  What resulted was an information article with professional advice on how to successfully home brew a style accurate Brut IPA.  You can read the article here for more information:  Brewing a Brut IPA with Advice From Professional Brewers.

With all of this information in hand, I set forth to create an easy to execute Extract Brut IPA.  My goal is to create a recipe that is easy to follow and successfully brew.  Here is our brewing tutorial video.  I’ll be following this up with a tasting video once fermentation and bottle carbonating have finished.

Brut IPA Extract Recipe:

3.3 Lbs – Pilsen Light LME

2 Lbs. Wheat DME

30 Minute Boil

Hop Additions:

30 Minute Hops – 0.5 oz. Citra (13.2 AA)

Yeast: White Labs San Diego Super Yeast

White Labs Ultra-Ferm added on Fermentation Day 5 of 14

Dry Hop Schedule:

2 oz. Huell Melon (4.5 AA) – Fermentation Day 9 of 14

2 oz Citra (13.2 AA) – Fermentation Day 9 of 14

2 oz. Huell Melon (4.5 AA) – Fermentation Day 11 of 14

2 oz Citra (13.2 AA) – Fermentation Day 11 of 14



25.42 IBUs

5-5.5% ABV

2.81 SRM

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2 Replies to “Brut IPA (Video) – 5 Gallon Extract Brewing Tutorial

  1. Great article! BTW you can’t post to the article because it thought I was a bot. Anyway Very informative! Funny thing is I started off searching for Brut IPA thinking it was a just a name for a beer. Never would have guessed it was a style. Which speaks to your comments regarding its growing popularity. A local brewery here in Maryland called Independent Brewing Company had an IPA called the Jeff Sessions IPA, then one called “A little Jeff Sessions” and now they have one called “Minor Threat (sessions IPA)”. Anyway I always thought all the others where a spin off of the first that was named after Jeff Sessions (U.S. Attorney General). But now I know it was a play on words and refers to session style IPA! The beer is pretty good but the IBU is a bit high at 50. Now that I know it is a style I will be looking for it more often as I craft beer hop across Maryland. In my opinion I don’t think the style is going anywhere and will eventually be more popular than the IPA and the NEIPA in my opinion. The reason I say this is because it is easier to drink than a typical IPA to the average drinker.

    1. Since brewing this style, it has become more common in my area. Now I may be biased but I think my version can hang with or beat many of the local offerings. Thanks for the comment!

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