Lemon Wheat (VIDEO) – 5 Gallon Extract Brewing Tutorial

Lemon Wheat - 5 Gallon Extract Brewing Tutorial

Our first instructional video is finally done!  I am proud to present the Lemon Wheat Extract Brewing Tutorial by NewToBrew.  The video turned out a bit longer than I had hoped but I believe that allowed for showing all of the important details.  Since this is the first extract brewing tutorial video for NewToBrew, I need your feedback.  Please be sure to comment, share, and subscribe to continue on this amazing journey and follow NewToBrew as it grows.

During the video, you’ll notice I made a few errors in the brewing process.  Since this blog is all about teaching new brewers, I didn’t edit them out.  Instead they’re going to be learning moments so that brewers can see common errors (at my expense) and learn from them.  I hope you all enjoy the video!  We will be using the Beer. Simply Beer. American Wheat kit for this video.


Are you unfamiliar with the American Wheat Beer Style.  Read our post about this beer to learn more.  Maybe you are new to brewing but the American Wheat Beer isn’t a style  you’re interested in brewing.  Let us help you pick out a style of beer that new brewers will find easy success with but that you’ll enjoy.  Five Steps to Choosing Your First Extract Beer.

No matter what, NewToBrew is committed to helping new brewers and learning brewers develop the tools and techniques to find repeated success in home brewing.  Please be a part of our community and comment below.  We’ll do the best we can to answer.  If you have a suggestion for future posts or videos, then let us know.  We want to hear from you about how we can improve.

Keep watching for new brewing videos and posts.  Our next video will be an IPA Extract Brewing Tutorial Kit with an optional Cascade dry hop addition.  I’ve tasted the beer and couldn’t be more please with the outcome.  We will also be developing extract recipes and beginning to integrate some all-grain brewing material as well.


Thanks for watching and Happy Brewing!

Ryan Caldbeck


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